I can’t believe we are about to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!! When I look at all that God has done in our lives in these 5 years, it has me so thankful and so expectant of all that He will continue to do. I started this series of “The Stories Of Us” last […]

One year ago today we moved from La Porte, Indiana back to Texas and look what the Lord has done!  Nikki and I were talking earlier today about how each year of our marriage has been so unique and God has taught us very specific things in each of them so far. This is a […]

Here it is…part 2 of our love story! It’s all about how Halton proposed and the surprise that I had no idea was coming. This is such a special memory to us that we both wanted to write it from our own point of view so we could really encapsulate the whole story. How a […]

The Preparation: It’s hard to believe that we are finally getting to write about our sweet boy’s birth story. The last couple of weeks of pregnancy felt like he was never going to come! I would wake up every morning wondering if today would be the day. Then night would come, and another new day, […]

We didn’t have the typical boy meets girl and they fall in love instantly kind of story. Instead, girl liked boy first, and boy was oblivious to it all. With us coming up on our four year anniversary this May, we thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our own love […]

Pulling things out of storage, going through old newborn clothes, scouring the internet for the newest baby trends, all of this means we are that much closer to meeting our sweet little boy that is due to arrive mid-April! With Hudson being just over two years old, I am most excited to see how he […]

Now that Hudson has flown on an airplane over 10 times, I thought it might be helpful to write up a little post on some of my best tips for traveling with a toddler! I know I did tons of research before taking Hudson on an airplane for the first time, and it totally helped […]

Here we are! We have been in our new home for a month now! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been that long. I can’t even begin to tell you just how beautiful it is here. It’s cool how being in a new place you are reminded of how beautiful God’s creation is. After […]

If you know us, you know that just deciding to pack up and leave everything we know isn’t exactly in our comfort zone. But when God calls, you act!! Ever had one of those moments where everyone else thought you were crazy for doing something so out of the ordinary, but God gave you such […]

Well, here it is! Our very first blog!! We are so excited to be taking this business journey together, as husband and wife. When we got married almost a year ago