Ready For Baby #2! (Well, Kind Of)

Pulling things out of storage, going through old newborn clothes, scouring the internet for the newest baby trends, all of this means we are that much closer to meeting our sweet little boy that is due to arrive mid-April! With Hudson being just over two years old, I am most excited to see how he adjusts to having a new baby around. Will he be interested at all? Will he get jealous? Will he understand all of the changes going on? These are just a few of the thousands of thoughts running through my mind everyday.

When we were preparing for Hudson’s arrival, things were so different! What we thought was a busy life, was indeed not very busy at all, compared to the pace of life now. Halton and I felt like we had all of the time in the world to get things accomplished and still enjoy the quiet moments with just the two of us. I could take a nap or rest whenever I wanted to. Sleep in on the weekends. Run to the store whenever I wanted to. Decide to go see a movie last minute. Those days are long gone! But in a good way.

Now as we are preparing for baby #2, it feels like time won’t slow down. We use the small amounts of time we do have to get things accomplished in between playing cars with a toddler, keeping up with the never ending flow of laundry, cooking meals then doing dishes then starting all over again, and running a business, all while also trying to make time for the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good busy. It’s just a different kind of busy, compared to what we thought “busy” actually was when we were getting ready for Hudson’s arrival.

This pregnancy has been very different compared to the first time around. I imagine it’s because I am also chasing a toddler around all of the time now and can barely keep up. Some days I wonder how I will make it through the day with two little ones demanding my attention every minute. I wonder how I will get the simplest of tasks done or even make it out of the house on time. But then I’m reminded that I am not taking each day on my own. While I have my amazing husband to also go through all of these things with, even more so, I have a Heavenly Father that will be right there with me, every step of the way. And the amazing thing is that He has already gone before me, He knows my path, and He will be right there to guide me along the way. It’s when I try to take care of the world on my own that I fail. But my prayer as we enter this new season is that I wouldn’t rely on myself (because that will get me nowhere), but to rely on Him and His strength, because that is the only way I will make it through each day.

So as we prepare for this new little one’s arrival, who has yet to have a name, I am enjoying the last moments of this season we are in. I am more thankful for my one-on-one time with Hudson. I am enjoying our daily routine that we worked so hard to achieve and will soon be flipped upside down. And I am preparing myself for the change that is ahead. Change is hard, but it is so good. And in our case right now, this change will bring to us another sweet addition to our family, who I already know will grow us in more ways than one.

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