Jumping Right In!

Well, here it is! Our very first blog!! We are so excited to be taking this business journey together, as husband and wife. When we got married almost a year ago, we knew we wanted to merge our talents and creativity but we just weren’t quite sure what that would look like. We didn’t want to just jump in with no vision, no goals, no knowledge and then hope we were doing everything right. So we decided to take a step back and really think about what our purpose is for this business. With SO many other photographers out there we didn’t want to just be another name on the list. We wanted to make something special for our clients. We wanted to be a company you could trust and someone you can’t wait to recommend your friends to. Knowing that you look to us to capture those first moments when a new baby is brought into this world or that first kiss after saying “I do” gives us such joy.

So here we are…A husband and wife team, jumping right into this business world together to serve our clients and give them something that will last for years and years to come. The amazing thing about photography is that you aren’t just capturing moments for your clients to hold onto. You are taking moments and freezing them in time so that when generations down the line look back on their great grandparents wedding album, they are instantly taken back and are able to see and feel exactly what it was like to be there in that moment. We want you to hear the laughter in the background, feel the love in the room and see that sparkle in a newlywed’s eyes all from one simple photograph.

We are truly excited to see where this road takes us and all of the new people we will get to meet. We thank you and we hope that you will follow along with us on this journey.

But who are we?! Check out our story below…

Here’s a little bio on us for you: We were married in May of 2015 and we have been loving every minute of marriage since then. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever!! Halton and I (Nikki) met in 2009 when I started going to the same church as him. I became best friends with his sister, Bethany, and we were (still are) hanging out all of the time. Fast forward 3 years and I started to fall for him. After a little bit of pursuing on my part and other things working out, he finally asked me out on our first date and I have been in love with him ever since. Halton is from a family of 6 other siblings, while I come from a very small family with 1 brother. I always enjoyed the crazy chaos of so many people at his house and he enjoyed how quite my house was. After being together for a year and a half Halton proposed and we were engaged! I must say, it was the most perfect proposal from the sweetest guy. We were engaged for a year and then married May 16. When we aren’t taking pictures, Halton is the worship director at our church and I am a high school teacher. We love to go on dates and since the beginning of our relationship we have gone on what we call our first Friday picnic. We are passionate about this business and giving it our all!

Halton & Nikki

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