Our Story Part 3: We Said “I Do!”

I can’t believe we are about to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!! When I look at all that God has done in our lives in these 5 years, it has me so thankful and so expectant of all that He will continue to do. I started this series of “The Stories Of Us” last year, journeying from when we first started dating, to our proposal story, and now I’m sharing about our wedding day with you!

Being wedding photographers, I often think back to our own wedding day. What I loved, what I would maybe do differently. One thing’s for sure though, we absolutely LOVED this day and look back on every part of it so thankful! The friends who came to celebrate us, the family who was there to support us; every bit of it still means so much to us.

Some interesting things you may not have known about our wedding day:

1. Our videographer canceled on us the morning of our wedding.

Yep! That’s right! The videographer came to our rehearsal dinner the night before, took our payment, and called the next morning with a not so great excuse for why he couldn’t make it. However, because I had the most amazing husband-to-be I didn’t even know all of that was going on. Halton was taking care of it so I wouldn’t have to stress and found our good friend to step in and video our wedding day. Our friend Jacob had never videoed a wedding before, but we knew from his other artistic abilities that he could do it! So we handed him our own camera equipment and he used that for the day. He then put together the most amazing wedding video for us and we are so thankful to have it. We also had a number of other friends step in with their own personal video camera to record our ceremony and snippets from the rest of the day. I was so thankful for Halton taking care of all of that on his own so that I wasn’t stressed with figuring all of it out.

2. I forgot to carry my bouquet with me for the ceremony.

In all of the excitement and nerves, we were all lined up for the ceremony, it was about to be my turn to make my grand entrance to the ceremony and I realized I didn’t have my bouquet! I thought about sending someone back to our getting ready room to grab the bouquet for me, but my entrance song was already playing. So I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal and I would go down the aisle without it! I absolutely loved my bouquet and wish I could have had it, but it is pretty funny wondering how I forgot it. And you better believe that when I am photographing weddings now, I always make sure the bride has her bouquet!

3. Halton surprised me with a song he wrote and recorded for our first dance song!

By far my favorite part of our wedding day and the best surprise ever! I had no idea that Halton had spent weeks recording a song he wrote for me at a studio in Dallas! We already had our “first dance” song picked out so we danced to that and then Halton got on the microphone and told me he had written us our very own song for us to dance to together. You can listen to it here and download it on iTunes! This will forever be my favorite wedding song and story of our love! Give it a listen and have a few tissues nearby.


Our amazing wedding vendors

Photographer: Alison Faith Photography

Videographer: Jacob Martin

Flowers: Lindsay at Botanical Jane

Wedding Dress: Bridal Boutique Lewisville

Cake: Church: Heather’s Sweet Creations

Venue/Church: FBC The Colony

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