What can we say? We have been together since 2012 and continue to run through this journey of life everyday side-by-side. Marriage is our absolute favorite thing ever. The fact that we get to spend everyday together, doing the things we love, is literally the best thing ever. Our little family grew in December 2016 when our sweet little guy Hudson entered this world so you may see an appearance of him every now and then if you follow us on social media. We are pretty obsessed with him. We are adventure lovers, nerdy board game enthusiasts, and always looking forward to what is next.

we're halton & nikki


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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


all things disney

We're just big kids who love to have fun.


Connecting on a regular basis is so important to us.


New places, new food, new experiences. This world was meant to be traveled.

our sweet boy

He keeps us on our toes, but he has already taught us so much.

a few of our favorite things

We absolutely LOVED Nikki and her husband! They met us and went over everything we wanted well prior to our wedding. Come wedding day they were punctual and fabulous! While waiting on the final edited photos to arrive, Nikki gave sweet sneak peaks which made the wait worth it! We received a bountiful amount of gorgeously edited photos. This couple was a wonderful choice for our wedding and we highly recommend this sweet couple!

"Not only were they beyond sweet, but they were professional and accommodating."


I keep reviewing our wedding album, as it has about 700+ pictures in it, and find my self smiling and crying every time because they captured everything so perfectly. The H&N Photography dynamic duo were seamless/fluid, never missed a beat, were "behind the scenes" when appropriate, were kind, friendly, cooperative and on point. I am beyond pleased not only with their processes/best practices, but also with their fabulous work when the pictures came back. If you cannot tell yet, I was BLOWN AWAY by their talent! 

"I was thrilled that they didn't miss capturing a single moment and even got several incredible shots that I did not anticipate them getting."


Our pictures have been nothing short of amazing time and time again! Nikki and Halton were so much fun to work with! They made us laugh and truly became our friends by the end of everything! They invest so much time and energy into making sure your day with them is everything you've wanted!


"H&N Photography was my first experience with a professional photographer and they did not disappoint!"