Wedding Planning Tips From Real Brides

Wedding planning is a huge task! With so many aspects to think of, decisions to make, and things to do it can be a little overwhelming. Even more so if you feel alone in it all.  What’s amazing though, is you don’t have to do it alone!! We’ve actually polled some of our past brides asking their favorite wedding planning advice. Today, we’re sharing that with you! So, sit back, breathe deeply, and get ready to discover amazing planning tips!


1. Let someone else be in charge of your wedding day!

“Make sure someone else is in charge of the day! Whether that’s a paid wedding planner or an awesome aunt, make sure this person is naturally organized and has a full game plan. Then (take your) hands off and enjoy your day!” -Chrissy

This is amazing advice!! It can be so easy to feel 100% responsible for every hiccup, question, or vendor on the day of. That’s not what it’s about though. You should be free to truly soak in the joy of your wedding day without the added stress. Let your vendors & designated coordinator handle everything else. You will love that you stepped back and enjoyed your wedding day! Even if it’s not in your budget to hire someone, designate a friend (not your mom!) and let them handle the day. One of our very favorite wedding planners we have worked with is Lindsey with Ella Grey Events! You can even check out a wedding we did together at The Grand Ivory here.

2. The first look is so worth it!

“Do a first look!! It helps with photo timing and helps you not have guests waiting for a long time. It’s also nice to have some time together before (your ceremony)” -Jessica J.

“Do a first look and get pictures done before the ceremony. It really helps the flow of the whole day and allows you to have more time at the reception with all your guests.” -Sarah S.

Yes!! As photographers, we’re a little biased on this one. Doing a first look is more than just a timeline choice, although couples who choose them do tend to get way more photos. We love them because it means you can spend as much time together on your wedding day as possible. That means you’ll have more memories of the day with your spouse, and not just running around. 


3. Quality over price.

“Hire a professional wedding photographer!” -Susan

Obvious, right? Not really! When you’re budgeting for your wedding it can be easy to try to cut corners. Weddings are expensive! One area you should never cut corners with is your wedding photography. At the end of the day the flowers will die, the cake & catering will be gone, and the party will be over. The main thing you’ll be left with is your photos. Choose a real professional who is experienced with weddings. They’ll add value to your day too because they know what to expect, what to look for, and how to help you throughout the day. You for sure will not regret this one!! 

4. Eat! No one wants a hangry bride.

“Take time to eat a good breakfast on the day of your wedding… You’re so busy the day of, if you don’t plan eating moments you won’t eat.” -Sarah S.

“We catered Chick-Fil-A for the bridal/groom suites while everyone was getting ready and I highly recommend it.” -Chrissy

You would think this would be common sense and doesn’t need to be built into your timeline, but we’ve seen it happen too many times where the wedding party is so busy they go hours and hours without eating or water. You’d be surprised to know just how much energy it takes to put everything together on a wedding day, and you don’t want to do that on an empty stomach. Plus, can you ever go wrong with having Chick-Fil-A at your wedding? Definitely not!


5. Vendor choice matters.

“Pick vendors that work as a team. Having everyone help each other out makes the flow of the day perfect!” -Sarah K.

We can’t emphasize this enough. Having true professional wedding vendors makes a huge difference, especially when they have servant hearts. We love working with these types of vendors and would love to send you a list of our recommended favorites for your wedding day! Just drop a comment below or shoot us an email and we’ll send you a list of our favorites! 

6. Private last dance.

“Do a secret last dance! One you do while everyone else is setting up for your departure where you can enjoy one dance alone with your new husband.” – Sydney

This has been one of our favorite moments to capture at the end of a wedding day. Everything slows down. It’s just the two of you in the room, reflecting on what an amazing day it was. We really love it when couples do this because it helps you stop and remember everything, rather than rushing from one thing to the next. Plus, this is a great time for all of your guests to get lined up for your final exit!

7. Don’t forget about what comes after the wedding day.

“Don’t focus all your time on the wedding day, it’s the jumpstart to your marriage but not the end-all-be-all of your relationship. I would also encourage marriage counseling as well!” -Karen

We couldn’t agree with this more! Karen is 100% right. The wedding will be just one day; your marriage will last a lifetime. Take time to plan for that too, and put in more effort into your relationship than anything else. Yes, we care greatly about providing you with amazing pictures, but what we truly care about is the commitment that you are making to each other. Marriage is the most important relationship you have, so take the time to really invest in one another and keep that relationship strong.

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    I would love to have a list of your favorite vendors! I am considering The Springs event venue at Valley View for my wedding and they had great things to say about you both!

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