Backyard Wedding Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

No one imagines that their wedding day is going to be affected by a worldwide pandemic. When you have that magical moment of finally getting to say “yes!” to your favorite person in the world, nothing like that ever crosses your mind. For so many though, this a new reality that many brides and grooms are facing because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). But instead of letting the pandemic dampen their wedding plans, they embraced the essentials and had a simple and intimate wedding with their just family surrounding them (six feet apart of course).

Reggie and Kendall are some of the most genuine, loving people and you can’t help but smile when you’re around them. They first met through mutual friends and because Reggie plays Major League Soccer for FC Dallas, he invited Kendall to come watch him at one of his games. Since then, they have been together ever since.

This past December we had the joy of photographing Reggie propose to Kendall and it was then that they began making their wedding plans. Originally they had planned on getting married this June, but then Coronavirus hit and changed their plans. Really though, it was a blessing in disguise as Kendall put it.

“The wedding planning process was a bit stressful with all of the COVID-19 restrictions. MLS has been put on hold and there are currently no games going on, and we really felt the Lord calling us to join our lives together during this time. We got stressed pretty frequently about our guests, and the food they might like, decor, and all things planning. So it felt like the Lord really gave us a blessing in disguise because our wedding on April 18 was so simple, there was no stress, we had our close family there, and were able to do a Facebook live for everyone who wasn’t and it was perfect!!”

One of the best parts of it all was the drive-by parade that their friends coordinated to celebrate them. More than 30 people drove by to congratulate, support, and cheer them on. 🙌🏻 It was so fun to watch the excitement as each person drove by. Even though they couldn’t have all of their family and friends there, it was still so amazing to see the joy these two had for each other. It wasn’t about a fancy cake or table centerpieces, but about the commitment, these two made to one another. 💕

One of my favorite things about this couple is how they want to honor God in all that they do. When I asked Kendall what she was most looking forward to in marriage she said, “We really are just excited to do life together, live together, pray and study the word together each day!” THIS is what marriage is about! Reggie and Kendall have an amazing future ahead of them and we are so thankful to have walked this journey with them.


Wedding Dress: Lulu’s

Florals: T&R Floral


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