Sunset Park Engagement Session

Would you believe me if I told you the first time we met up for Jacob and Brianna’s engagement session there was a complete downpour ten minutes into the session?! Well, it’s true! We were literally just a few photos in when huge bursts of lightning and thunder started rolling in. Soon after, the rain came, and we were all sent running for cover in our cars.

But it all ended up working out perfectly because when we rescheduled, we ended up with the most perfect of nights for their sunset park engagement session. The second time around we had the most gorgeous lighting and it gives us all a story to laugh back on later. I just love it when couples are up for anything and willing to have fun with my crazy ideas! Whether it’s letting loose playing in the water or doing whatever it takes to get some laughter, we had so much fun!

We love to encourage our couples to go on a date night after the sessions with us. I mean, you’re already dressed up, so why not?! So with having to reschedule the first session, that means Jacob and Brianna got to enjoy two date nights together, which I am sure they weren’t complaining about at all. Engagement sessions are such a fun way for us as photographers to get to know you before the wedding day, and we certainly can’t wait for their big day in September!

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