3 Reasons To Have A Second Photographer On Your Wedding Day

Are you trying to decide if it is worth it to have a second photographer at your wedding? You might be wondering what are the benefits, what are they used for, and is it worth the investment. We have put together some helpful tips and information below to help you make that decision! So here’s three reasons it is important to have a second photographer on your wedding day:

1. Double the Coverage:

The most important thing that a second photographer does is provide additional angles on all of your big (and small) moments. The times a second photographer makes the biggest difference is during first looks, the ceremony, and while the wedding party is getting ready at the beginning of the day. If you are doing a first look, how important and sweet would it be to be able to capture both the bride and groom’s first reaction of seeing each other? At a first look, one photographer will take one view, while the other takes the opposite view, so that both reactions are captured and every raw emotion is felt and documented. Here’s one of our favorite first look moments from the Hiler wedding:

Another super important time where the second photographer comes in handy is during the ceremony, especially when the bride is coming down the aisle. For us, Nikki always takes the front of the aisle and Halton (or the second photographer) takes the back end of the aisle. This allows Nikki to get the groom’s first reaction when the bride comes down the aisle and Halton captures the moments the bride takes her first steps towards her groom.

Because we haven’t quite figured out time travel yet, one photographer can’t be in two places at once. So while the main photographer may be capturing a super special moment in one place, there may be another really special moment happening at that same time that the second photographer is able to capture. This is really helpful at the beginning of the day when the girls and guys are getting ready (especially if they are in two different locations that require driving).

During this time, Nikki would be with the girls documenting the laughs and giggles while they are putting on makeup and getting their hair done. And Halton would be with the guys while they are hanging out and doing what guys do. This means that even the special things you didn’t know were happening will be captured and saved for you to look back on forever.

2. More Photos:

Who doesn’t want more photos from the most important day of their life?! It’s simple, having two cameras and two people photographing every moment, means that you end up with more photos in the end. It’s a win-win situation for you!

3. Schedule Flow:

Having a second photographer becomes really helpful when things get pressed for time! As mentioned above, they are so helpful to have at the beginning of the day when everyone is getting ready, so that the main photographer is not running back and fourth between multiple places. They are also really helpful to have for group and family photos.

If you have ever been a guest at a wedding, you know that waiting for the bride and groom to get to the reception can feel like forever. We run things as efficiently as possible so that we can get you back to the party, and a second photographer really helps in this area. While the main photographer is capturing the current group’s photos, the second photographer is setting up the next group and getting them ready so that we can move through the process as quickly as possible.

*Bonus Info: But can it all be done with one photographer? In short, yes, of course! When we first started photography, Nikki shot all of the weddings on her own, so she has tons of experience doing one person weddings. You won’t miss any special moments and it can certainly all be done with one photographer. BUT, just take into consideration all of the things mentioned above. Double the angles of all of those important moments, more photos, and less stress on the flow of your wedding day. It’s the day you’ve been planning forever, so why not get all of the photos you can?!

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