Elegant Wedding at Brighton Abbey | Aubrey, TX

We loved getting to capture Abby and JT’s beautiful wedding at Brighton Abbey. This sweet couple met in college when they ended up sitting next to one another in class. Talk about serendipity!

Though Abby wasn’t interested in JT at first, JT stayed persistent through the chaos of 2020 until Abby texted him that summer and told him to fly to Arizona to take her on a date. And you know what JT did? He hopped on a flight, took Abby on a date, and spent the whole weekend with her…and the rest is history. Best first date story EVER!

Fast forward to their beautiful, elegant, and timeless wedding at Brighton Abbey in Aubrey, TX and they were all smiles all day! They were clearly so excited to get married!

Abby and JT also did their own first look. During that time, they read private vows to one another and shared a sweet moment together in their last few minutes as an engaged couple. I love when couples take the time to slow down on their wedding day and breathe in the joy of it all. I guarantee you that years from now, Abby and JT will look back on their private vows and remember it as one of their favorite moments of their wedding.

The reception was, without a doubt, one of the most unique receptions we’ve ever been a part of. It was a blast to photograph and the pictures turned out so fun! JT’s family did a traditional African dance with JT and Abby and threw money at them. It was such a fun moment that really brought together different cultures.

We asked Abby and JT what they are most looking forward to about marriage and they said,

“Spending everyday being with the best person I know, and my best friend!”

How sweet is that?

Abby also shared advice to future brides:

“It’s so easy to stress over the little things and get so wrapped up in the small things, it’s easy to forget why you’re doing it all in the first place! At the end of the day, you’re only there for the other person. It’s way more important to prepare yourself for a marriage than it is a wedding!” 

We couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations Abby and JT! Your wedding at Brighton Abbey was beautiful. Cheers to many sweet years of marriage!

Many thanks to the vendors that made The Vongors wedding at Brighton Abbey so special.

Venue: Brighton Abbey | Aubrey, TX

Videographer: Eli Weiss (WeissProd)

Florist: Roanoke Florist/Sherpa Florals

Cake Artist: C. Marie Sweets

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Bridal Gown: Lasting Bridal Couture

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