Josh & Amanda Christon | Destination Wedding | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Gosh, am I excited to share photos from Josh & Amanda’s destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the Grand Riviera Princess Resort. When they reached out to us over a year ago about flying to Mexico to photograph their wedding, you better believe we said heck yeah! Amanda and I have known each other since elementary school, and we even grew up on the same street together, so to say we were looking forward to this wedding would be an understatement!

The day of the wedding we were a little worried that the ceremony was going to have to be moved indoors for possible rain, but Amanda kept telling her coordinator that she flew all the way to Mexico for a beach wedding, so that’s what she was going to get! Loved her go-getter attitude!! Well, the skies were clear for the day, and everything else went perfect. To be a part of such a small, intimate wedding was something special. The entire trip, we were treated like family and it was something we will never forget. Josh and Amanda were constantly making sure we were enjoying our time and taken care of, even though it was supposed to be all about them. 

On a personal note, this was the first time for Halton and I to both leave Hudson overnight, for an extended amount time, since he was born. It was so good to have some time with just the two of us, and we soaked in every minute of it (along with a little too much sun). For real though, we each got the worst sun burn of our lives!! #worthitthough

To Josh & Amanda: Thank you!!! Thank you for trusting us to document your wedding day!! Thank you for bringing us along and treating us like family, and always making sure we had everything we needed. We count the two of you as good friends and we look forward to the coming times when we get to capture so many more amazing moments in your life together. May these photos always be a reminder to you of the commitment you made to one another, and the vows you spoke. Here’s to many years to come!! 

Side note, anyone else wanting to bring us along on an elopement or destination wedding, we are totally down!! Lets make it happen!! 🙂

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