Jake & Maggie Perez | The Grove | Aubrey, Texas Wedding

We met with Maggie and Jake almost a whole year before their wedding to plan out all of the details! These two met while they were both attending the same college in Oklahoma. Jake was a new transferred in baseball player and Maggie was on the volleyball team. After a few hangouts and an exchange of phone numbers, they went on their first date! Maggie remembers it like this: 

“He asked me on our first date October 23, 2015 and he took me to the oh so fancy place of Buffalo Wild Wings. This date told me a lot about Jake and it told him a lot about me. As I sat in the restaurant people-watching all the interesting people in our section, Jake was hard-core chowing down on his wings (I mean, he looked like he hadn’t ate in days). This memory makes me laugh every time because when we go on dates today…nothing has changed. I still people-watch and he still shovels the food in. But that date, as casual as it was, will forever be one of my most favorite memories of us.”

After that, the rest was history. They dated for a year and a half and were engaged over Memorial Day weekend while visiting a vineyard with all of their close family present. Their wedding day continued on in the same sweet love story way that their relationship first began as. We had FANTASTIC weather, as we were a little  worried because the day’s leading up had been so all over the place, thanks to those Texas weather changes. The wedding party was so much fun and everyone was so easy going and just there to celebrate Maggie and Jake. Maggie did a sweet “first look” with her dad (which is one of my new favorite things for brides to do) and her and Jake kept things traditional and he didn’t see her until she was walking down the aisle.  The gorgeous venue we were at, The Grove, had the most magical setup with acres and acres of trees and fields, and complete with an adorable treehouse! The rest of the night was a blast as there was live music, a DJ, and lots of dancing! The end of the day finished with a private last dance between the bride and groom and then they were off! 

Hope you enjoy checking out some of the fun moments from their wedding day and be sure to check out the great vendors that made the day possible!

Venue: The Grove, Coordinator: Bobbie Jantz, Florist- The Rogue Rose, Band/DJ- Full Circle Melody, Hair- Samanta Osborne, Bridesmaid Dresses- David’s Bridal, Suits- Men’s Wearhouse, Bridal Gown- Circle Park Bridal

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